We know you want to know about our products and services or what really we are doing. We made a lot of Website, Web Application, Native Application, Hybridge Application, Designing, Graphics, Photo, Video, Games, e-Learning, CAI, , AR(Augmented Reality), VR(Virtual Realrity), AI(Artificial Intelligence), IoT(Internet of Thing), e-Commerce, Research&Development, Training...and all about of TECHNOLOGY that make Thailand upgrade to 4.0+. We hope we are good...#digitalhouse


We research about advanced TECHNOLOGY such as AR(Augmented Reality), AI(Artificial Intelligence), Machine Learning, Deep Learning, IoT(Internet of Thing) and we develop about regular TECHNOLOGY such as Web Technology, Mobile Technology, CAI(Computer Aided Instruction), e-Learning, Games. We link everything by using digital marketing that developed from any platform tools to join ASEAN region and join people or social in this region. This is some of our products and services...#เว็บฟอนต์#webapp#mobileapp#Wordpress Thai Webfonts Plugin#ar

Digital Contents

We made many of DIGITAL CONTENT and we want to be The Best of Digital House in Thailand. We have experienced about digital content competition in 2014 by SIPA(Software Industry Promotion Agency (Public Organization)) but now it's called DEPA(Digital Economy Promotion Agency (Public Organization)), we specialized in New Media Content. We also have experienced with Graphics, Animation, 3D, Digital Photography, Digital Video Manipulate.


We are professional of TECHNOLOGY and we know you don't have any knowhow or knowledge about TECHNOLOGY. don't hesitate to contact us. We have many subject to train you such as Programming, Graphics Design, 3D, Web Technology, AR, VR, AI and so on...


We do everything about integrate TECHNOLOGY to NATURE or if you want any infomartion please contact us.


(+66) 081-8723943


That Cherng Choom, Sakhonnakhon